About HeartBeat Silent Disco

HeartBeat Silent Disco has been building community all around the globe for years and we would like to help you do the same. Whether you are renting our equipment for a private event at a location of your choice or coming out to our public events to meet new people and expand your family, we are here for you. HeartBeat Silent Disco is a full service audio production company that offers an innovative solution for rising above the constraints of noise ordinances and less-than-welcoming neighbors. Rather than using traditional modes of amplification, we use high-powered transmitters to broadcast to an inter-connected network of wireless headphones. This means that your concert/party/event will only be heard and experienced by those wanting to be involved and neighbors will only hear your HeartBeat.

Our state of the art 3-channel headphones allow for three silent stages to run concurrently with a broadcast range of 1500 meters in every direction. This means that your audience can alternate between audio channels with just a simple click of the headphones, and colored LEDs on each set light up to correspond to each audio source. Individual volume control on each set allows for each user to personalize their sound experience.

We are based in the United States, but our territorial reach is limitless. We can cover all aspects of production – from our qualified team of engineers and staff, to DJs, Musicians, Producers and Visuals as well. We also offer equipment rental if you want to take the production into your own hands, and can ship overnight anywhere in the country.