Non Profits

Are you looking for help raising awareness for your cause? Are you looking for new volunteers excited about your mission? Do you need funds to keep your vision sustainable?

We are partnering with specific Non Profits to bring you all of these things with very little effort on your end.

Silent Disco is an interactive way for people of multiple demographics to get together and network while listening to music. We can run up to three channels of music, offering a channel for each age group, language or style. This allows people from multiple communities to come together as one, and find common ground through music.

We would like to take this energy and educate people about a good cause at the same time. Heartbeat Silent Disco is currently looking for nonprofit partners to collaborate on some upcoming events; we have the equipment, a large fan base and would be happy get them down to you to get educated about your cause, while giving your supporters a fun reason to come out and raise contributions for your cause.

What we provide:

  • Equipment
  • Entertainment
  • Social Media
  • Promotion
  • Production
  • Staff


What you provide:

  • Do you have an indoor or outdoor venue/facility (if not we can provide)
  • Online Promotion
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Website
  • Mailing List
  • Volunteer(s)
  • Table w/ info
  • 5-10min speech

Being a non-profit, I am sure that fundraisers are one of the only ways to maintain financial sustainability for your organization so we want to donate a portion of the proceeds that we agree on to your cause.

How it works; it’s easy. We connect your music (bands, DJs, playlists) to our transmitter and the signal goes out to our specially designed wireless headphones. This allows everyone to hear the music that they want to hear without the sound bothering anybody that doesn’t. The headphones are comfortable, adjustable to all ages, and have personalized volume controls that allow you to dial in the sound to your perfect comfort zone. The best part is, to talk to someone, you just pull off a headphone to have a clear conversation instead of having to yell over loud music.  

The headphones can track up to three channels of sound simultaneously and each selectable channel lights up to a correlating color on the headphone. For example, you can run the blue channel with 90s music and have 80s music playing on the red channel. Each listener can then select the channel they wish to hear. Another setup could have a movie or presentation on the blue channel and a rock station on the green channel, all while having a DJ on the red channel. This allows the participant the option to either hear the words or listen to the variety of music.  

Silent Discos are perfect for an event where noise or neighbors can be an issue both indoors and out. The equipment works great for indoor parties and corporate events, as well as larger events or you can have them outdoors without bothering anybody while allowing a long range of reception. We would love to assist you in bringing FUNds to your upcoming summer and holiday events, bringing this fun and interactive technology to your community as a great way to expand and strengthen it. Below is a video that shows how it all works. There are also links to our website and social media platforms.