Hear What the People Have to Say:

“Silent Disco was a huge hit at our office party! We boogied and jived, without bothering anyone else in the building! The perfect crime…” – Nike

“Our whole team loved Silent Disco! Even the non-dancers were rocking the headphones, at lower volume so they could still chat.” – Nike

“I loved seeing the crowd switch channels from ‘green’ to ‘blue’ when a hot song played and everyone caught on!” – Nike

“I enjoyed the sound quality, and having the ear phones on with music just made me want to dance!” – Nike

“I had SO MUCH FUN !!!” – Nike

“Seriously THE BEST MEDICINE!! dancIn among the trees with my feet in the grass is my fav! dance like no one’s watching!” – Narr Leh

“Heartbeat is a true community service to the people of Portland. In the summertime events are held a couple times a week. It’s always a fun diverse crowd of people who are open to making new friends and experiencing new music. The fact that we can gather almost anywhere in the city and have a big dance party without a large sound system disturbing anyone is amazing. And it’s great to see kids and first timers experience the novelty of a silent disco. I hope Heartbeat continues to grow with Portland!” – Paul Theodore Chandler

“I genuinely loved the silent disco event at gas works park. It was hosted very well, with a great scenic background! I was amazed and overjoyed when I heard the event ONLY COSTED $5!! Everyone was very friendly and chill which made the event even better and more inviting! The music fit very well with the park environment as well!! Can’t wait, and definitely going to the next one!” – Levi Klassen

“The best concept ever. Perfect way to rock out without intruding on others’s sonic space.” – Alexander Wick

“I love beach parties, specially sunset time. The one in Kihei – Maui was amazing. Beautiful view, good music, happy people. “ – Val Dutra

“These comfortable and cute headphones have amazing sound quality, and the beats that bounce through them leave you fully present to dance into your own experience easily, or to celebrate with other dancers around you in a myriad of natural and pleasant environments. I encourage you to participate, and share widely with others! XO” – Sabrina Louise

“Indescribable joy! More fun than I ever anticipated. My 6 & 7 yr old kids LOVED it!” – Marypat Heily

“Easily one of the best ways to brings all walks of people together.” – David Gelehrter

“Cool guys putting on funky sets for a splendiferous occasion in quaint environments!” – Jake Sterling

“I enjoy everything about this dance experience, from venturing to various locations around the city, to the awesome djs, connecting with the creative, playful flow of the other dancers as well as having an internal and external dance experience through wearing head phones. Very fun!” – Roxanne Patruznick

“Honestly, This is a great start to an awesome SILENT DISCO party all over Portland. I truly love the idea and they brought this to my attention just by being at WTF. Their DJ’s are all fantastic people and make awesome mixes as well. Super enjoy the vibes they had at the 2015 What The Festival!” – Nicholas Troiano

“A revolutionary dance party experience! If you enjoy music that makes you move you gotta check this out.” – Brian Straus

“AMAZING! Always a lot of love and good energy with these guys” – Sunny Dale

“Silent Disco is the most FUN and family friendly event I’ve experienced. Good people, great music, freedom of artistic expression, games, and more! It’s the healthy addiction!” – Sarah Haury

“Portland Winter Light Festival was enhanced by heartbeat silent disco. Fun for the entire family!” – Michael Spatzek

“Stumbled upon this shining beacon of hope at Laurelhurst on Memorial Day. Great music, great people – the staff were totally open and friendly about what was going on and more than willing to answer questions. Looking forward to more events!” – Andrew Rolleston

“The silent disco crowd is all about acceptance, love, and community. I live for these events!” – Hawkeye Clark

“Always a great time, such great people and the atmosphere is one of a kind.” – Brent Hammer

“Amazing amazing amazing. This is a great event and some amazing company.” – Natalie Killoran